Top Choices for F&B

There is a quality and grade to suit every culinary requirement and business need. Choose from our selection for the quality and grade that best suit your business needs.


Heavenly Rice (25kg & 50kg)

  • 100% Grade-A Thai Hom Mali fragrant rice
  • Ideal for restaurants, roasted meats, chicken rice and “Zi-char” (Chinese home-style dishes cooked to order) stores

Heavenly Jasmine Fragrant rice (25kg)

  • Old-time fragrant rice favorite from Vietnam; even the Thais love it!
  • Contains 100% fragrant rice whole grains and is great for restaurants

Heavenly White Rice (25kg and 50kg)

  • 100% white rice from Vietnam
  • Ideal for ship chandlers

Heavenly Brown Rice (50kg)

  • The family’s favourite healthy rice is also available in 50kg for food outlets that want to provide customers with a healthier alternative
  • 100% Thai Hom Mali fragrant brown rice

Golden Phoenix (50kg)

  • The “grand-daddy” of fragrant rice
  • Ever popular with Chicken Rice sellers who require rice that delivers consistent quality

Royal Carp (50kg)

  • Contains 80:20 Thai Hom Mali rice blended with other rice varieties
  • Ideal for hawkers and restaurant owners wanting fragrant rice without the high price

Golden Carp (50kg)

  • Contains 100% Pathunthani fragrant rice
  • Value-for-money alternative for Economy Rice, and Nasi Campur outlet

Golden Tiger – 50kg

  • For the price-conscious
  • Ideal for Economy Rice, rice donations, or factory canteens
  • Each sack contains 100% Chor Nor fragrant rice

Heavenly Cooking Oil – 15L & 16kg

  • 100% Vegetable Oil, HALAL Certified & Cholesterol Free
  • No added artificial flavouring and preservatives
  • Ideal for all types of cooking, especially deep frying.

Business Enquiries

Do you work in the F&B industry? We will be pleased to supply your rice orders. If you have any general questions about our products, scheduling or delivery, please send us a message using the form below and we will attend to your enquiries shortly. We look forward to working with you. Thank you!

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