So, do you know brown rice is good for mom-to-be?

Pregnant ladies might develop temporary diabetes also known as gestational diabetes. This happens because during pregnancy, the body is unable to produce enough insulin. Without the help of insulin, the body cannot use glucose (sugar) and they build up in the blood. This causes the blood sugar to stay high.

Blood sugar level will increase the chances of a bigger baby and birth defects so it is recommended to lower your amount of glucose (sugar) intake. Brown rice have a lower glycemic index, which means it breaks down into glucose slower after being eaten, so it does not increase your sugar (glucose) level.

Also, brown rice have been less processed than white rice, retaining most of its nutritional values. The color is because of its bran layer, which contains oil and fiber. Fiber contributes to fullness, therefore eating lesser and thus have a lower glycemic load than refined white rice.
Adopting a proactive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and diet during pregnancy is vital to the health of your baby and not to mention your own. We sat down and talked with mom-to-be, Sanmay about how Heavenly Brown Rice has helped her control her blood sugar level during her pregnancy.

How long have you been eating Heavenly Rice’s Brown Rice?
About 3 years, but I mixed it with white rice until I was pregnant, then I switched entirely to all brown rice.

Why switched to eating brown rice completely?
My sugar level goes up and down according to the food I eat. Just last week, I mixed white and brown rice and my gynecologist noticed that my sugar level went up. So I had to stick eating brown rice strictly for a week, of course eating other food in moderation as well. I went back for a checkup, and my blood sugar level dropped to 141 to 114. It is a very big difference.

Does eating brown rice affects your weight during pregnancy?
I am at a very healthy weight now. But, when my blood sugar level goes up, my weight tend to too. When my blood sugar level was 141, I gained 2kg. When it went down to 114, I lost 2kg and it maintained.

There are countless brands out in the market, what makes you choose Heavenly Rice’s Brown Rice?
It was only after I tried Heavenly Rice’s Brown Rice and I realized it was much more fragrant and softer. Sometimes, I don’t even soak it beforehand, I just add in slightly more water when I’m cooking it.

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