Heavenly Rice a Quality Product of See Hoy Chan Loved By Generations

Rice is the food of the people. Over the years, Heavenly Rice, a quality product of See Hoy Chan has won the hearts of families, hawkers, and restaurant owners by delivering outstanding quality at reasonable prices. Every single rice grain is soft, fluffy, and fragrant, making each mouthful so delicious that generations keep coming back for more. From grandma to the career driven and your little nephew, everybody enjoys the taste and texture of Heavenly Rice.

Our Heavenly Rice’s Products

Heavenly Premium Rice

Silky smooth, pure white, and fluffy when cooked, our naturally fragrant Premium Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice is exclusively available in 1, 5, and 10kg packs.

Heavenly Brown Rice

Unmilled, unpolished, and naturally coloured, our nutrient-rich Premium Thai Hom Mali Brown Rice is exclusively available in 1 and 2.5kg packs.

Heavenly New Crop Rice

Especially perfect for congee, our freshly harvested New Crop Rice is highly sought after by rice connoisseurs. Exclusively available in 5kg packs.

Heavenly Standard Rice

Containing a blend of 80% Hom Mali rice and other fragrant rice varieties, our budget-friendly Standard Rice is exclusively available in 5kg packs.

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