Our Products

Explore our wide range of rice varieties for home consumption or for your business. We offer many rice options with different grain types and pack sizes that will suit your specific culinary needs. Enjoy consistent high quality,delicious taste and aromatic fragrance with every bite of Heavenly Rice.

Top Choices for F&B Outlets

There is a rice quality and grade to suit every culinary requirement and business need. Choose from our wide selection for the quality and grade that best suit your business needs. Our industry size rice packages come in 25kg or 50kg packets.

Eat At Home

The perfect home-cooked meal starts with Heavenly Rice. Available in 1kg, 5kg, and 10kg, each pack of rice is a kitchen must-have, whether you’re planning a family feast or in search of healthier rice options. Choose from our four signature rice types, each unique and delicious in its right.