Top Choices for F&B Outlets

There is a rice quality and grade to suit every culinary requirement and business need. Choose from our wide selection for the quality and grade that best suit your business needs. Our industry size rice packages come in 25kg or 50kg packets.

Heavenly Rice (25kg & 50kg)

  • 100% Grade-A Thai Hom Mali fragrant rice
  • Ideal for restaurants, roasted meats, chicken rice and “Zi-char” (Chinese home-style dishes cooked to order) stores

Heavenly Jasmine Fragrant Rice (25kg)

  • Old-time fragrant rice favorite from Vietnam; even the Thais love it!
  • Contains 100% fragrant rice whole grains and is great for restaurants

Heavenly White Rice (25kg & 50kg)

  • 100% white rice from Vietnam
  • Ideal for ship chandlers

Heavenly Brown Rice (50kg)

  • The family’s favourite healthy rice is also available in 50kg for food outlets that want to provide customers with a healthier alternative
  • 100% Thai Hom Mali fragrant brown rice

Golden Phoenix (50kg)

  • The “grand-daddy” of fragrant rice
  • Ever popular with Chicken Rice sellers who require rice that delivers consistent quality

Royal Carp (50kg)

  • Contains 80:20 Thai Hom Mali rice blended with other rice varieties
  • Ideal for hawkers and restaurant owners wanting fragrant rice without the high price

Golden Carp (50kg)

  • Contains 100% Pathunthani fragrant rice
  • Value-for-money alternative for Economy Rice, and Nasi Campur outlet

Golden Tiger (50kg)

  • For the price-conscious
  • Ideal for Economy Rice, rice donations, or factory canteens
  • Each sack contains 100% Chor Nor fragrant rice

Heavenly Cooking Oil (15L & 16kg)

  • 100% Vegetable Oil, HALAL Certified & Cholesterol Free
  • No added artificial flavouring and preservatives
  • Ideal for all types of cooking, especially deep frying