4 Reasons How Brown Rice Can Help You To Lose Weight

Brown rice has always been seen as a healthier and nutritious alternative to the typical white rice that we usually consume in our households. Other than reducing cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes, how else can brown rice aid in weight loss? Is brown rice good for weight loss? Read on to find out more.

1. Brown rice contains manganese which helps to synthesize body fats.
A cup of brown rice provides up to 88% of our daily value for manganese. Manganese does not only protects our bodies against free radicals, but is also an important mineral that helps our body to digest fats and turn carbohydrates into energy, hence reducing your body fats and Body Mass Index (BMI), as well as the chances of suffering from obesity.

2. Brown rice is a source of slow-release energy.
Foods such as white rice and pastries can increase your blood sugar levels. On the other hand, brown rice provides long-lasting energy and helps you feel fuller with lesser calories, so you are less likely to get hunger pangs and overeat. Unlike white rice, brown rice provides a slower sugar or energy release and maintain your blood sugar levels – preventing your body from tricking itself to store extra fat and weight.

3. Brown rice is rich in fibre.
The rich fiber content in brown rice aids in digestion to dispose food you have eaten and enhances your metabolic function. What’s more, it keeps your digestive system clean, healthy and strong to help you maintain the right body weight! Fibre can also help to lower high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels; factors which are often linked to obesity.

4. Whole grains like brown rice may speed up metabolism.
As brown rice is slow to digest, it enables your body to gain more energy from burning stored fats during the breakdown process. According to a study conducted by researchers at Tufts University in Massachusetts, switching white rice with brown rice can speed up your body’s metabolism rate and weight loss process; with the difference almost equivalent to burning off calories with a 30-minute brisk walk around the neighbourhood!

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