6 Easy & Nutritious Family Meal Recipes!

Who says eating healthy has to be boring? Today we are bringing you a collection of 6 mouth-watering recipes that aren’t only packed full of fresh, vibrant and nutrient-rich ingredients, but are also equally satisfying and palate-pleasing. Perfect for a no-fuss quick meal, these recipes will make you feel good inside and out and will leave even the pickiest of eaters begging for seconds and thirds.

1. Heavenly Brown Rice Mexican Salad

As vibrant as this recipe looks, it tastes even more amazing and is bursting with tons of flavours. Loaded with kidney and pinto beans that are rich in protein and fibre along with fresh veggies, shelled prawns, and nutrient-rich chewy Heavenly Brown Rice, the salad is a quick, fresh and tasty way to have a filling lunch. Tossed with refreshing lime juice, olive oil and coriander this totally addicting and perfect salad can also be served as a side dish or as a dip at family gatherings.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/30IfRJT

2. Heavenly Rice Eight Treasure Porridge

Any list of nutritional recipes is incomplete without mentioning this dish. In our rendition of Heavenly Rice Eight Treasure Porridge, we make use of the nutrient-rich Heavenly Brown Rice rather than the usual short-grain rice which makes this recipe a little bit more healthy and a lot tastier. The porridge consists of ginkgo nuts; rich in antioxidants, green and red beans; rich in protein, lotus seeds; rich in minerals, red dates; rich in vitamin C, peanuts and dried goji berries. Comforting, easy to make and nutritious, this recipe is perfect to cook up during a busy weekday that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2Gr75Jo

3. Coconut Chicken Soup

You’d be surprised how a recipe as simple as this can offer big returns on flavour. The naturally sweet taste and a rich aroma of coconut is balanced with the savoury deliciousness of chicken. Also added is a Chinese Yam which helps lower blood sugar, is good for the spleen and lungs, while the coconut is loaded with minerals and is rich in antioxidants. So, surprise your family members by preparing this delicious and unique soup.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2GrbcFk

4. Papaya Fish Tail Soup

The well-marinated fish tail along with tender pork ribs and fresh papaya make up for a praiseworthy soup which is naturally sweet. The delicate sweetness and the texture of the papaya which is also an excellent source of vitamins C, A and B-complex bring a lightness and freshness to the soup. Other ingredients such as Red Dates help improve metabolism, whereas the sweet and bitter Almonds benefit the lungs and aids in coughs. Although this soup is especially suited for and is traditionally taken during the confinement period after giving birth and helps to boost milk supply for breastfeeding mothers, it has multiple benefits and can be enjoyed by any and everyone.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2I1qwIZ

5. Cabbage and Mushroom Rice

For those days when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of dishwashing, this one-pot recipe comes in handy which leaves a minimal mess in your kitchen. With a mix of good carbs and protein, the texture of sliced roast pork, veggies and Heavenly Brown Rice make this a convenient, tasteful and healthy recipe to cook up on a busy weekday which can even be prepared by amateur cooks.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2SBalnT

6. Heavenly Tomato Rice

For when you are drained from work but still want to cook up something nutritious, our Heavenly Tomato Rice recipe is the one to go for. Ingredients that can be prepared in minutes, it’s your rice cooker that does all the cooking giving you ample time to freshen up. Made with a mix of nutrient-rich veggies such as tomato, carrot, corn and mushroom which are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and fibre respectively, the recipe also adds in protein-rich meatballs making each bowl a perfect combo of veggies and meat. A guilt-free way of having a nutrient-rich meal without breaking your back in the kitchen.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2SAUmGs

Heavenly Rice
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