6 Nourishing & Healthy Mum’s Soup Recipes!

Is there anything more comforting and nourishing than a good bowl of soup, and especially when it’s prepared by our lovely mum? Today we are excited to bring you a delicious compilation of 6 such soup recipes that not only venture into different kinds of flavour territory but are also packed with beneficial nutrients. These simple-to-make healthy and refreshing soups are perfect for sharing with the whole family and are a flavourful accompaniment to a hot bowl of rice.

1. Pork Rib Soup with Chestnuts
This naturally sweet, hearty and comforting stew of tender pork ribs with water chestnuts, chestnuts, and carrots make for an extremely easy, healthy and highly nutritious soup. The added sweetness of chestnuts and carrots go really well with a fresh bowl of rice and is really going to delight your kids. Not only flavour rich the chestnuts are good for stomach, spleen and help to nourish kidneys and strengthen tendons whereas the Water Chestnuts are good for lungs, liver and help to dispel heat and clear phlegm. Cook up this soup and see your family slurping it up with complete satisfaction.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2DgZz1B

2. Chicken Soup with Shark’s Fin Melon
Feeling the heat lately? Cook up this simple soup recipe to combat it and to relish in the flavours and textures of ingredients that help reduce swelling, remove toxins, strengthen the stomach, and replenish the blood and the kidneys. Also, once it’s cooked, the Shark’s Fin Melon ends up looking like strands of noodles which is going to make this soup a hit with your kids. Experience the amazing textures and beneficial nutrients of this soup tonight.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/30cWpF3

3. Coconut Chicken Soup
A soup recipe list is incomplete without mentioning at least two chicken soup recipes. And this one is even more special as it makes use of an ingredient you might have never thought of using, Coconut! The ingredients are boiled in with a mix of hot water and the coconut water which helps add and bring out a naturally sweet taste and a rich aroma. Along with bringing the flavours, the ever-so versatile coconut also helps lower cholesterol, improve digestion, increase metabolism and boost energy levels. Surprise your family members by preparing this delicious and unique soup.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3140Jph

4. Papaya Fish Tail Soup
The well-marinated fish tail along with tender pork ribs and fresh papaya make up for a praiseworthy soup which doesn’t happen to taste or smell fishy at all. The delicate sweetness and the texture of the papaya which is also an excellent source of vitamins C, A and B-complex bring a lightness and freshness to the soup. Other ingredients such as Red Dates help improve metabolism, whereas the sweet and bitter Almonds benefit the lungs and aids in coughs.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3fesksW

5. Fish Maw Mushroom Pork Ribs Soup
This wholesome popular Chinese soup recipe offers a boost of collagen goodness with delicious fish maw and fall-off-the-bone tender pork ribs. The nourishing and delicious recipe can be prepared easily for the whole family even on busy days and uses ingredients such as soft and softened mushrooms, carrot, ginger and pepper which can be sourced comfortably. So, grab a bowl of rice and dig into this homemade delicacy.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2P89nxB

6. Arrowroot Soup with Pork Ribs
The delicious, healthy and high in fibre, simple-to-cook Arrowroot Soup recipe is refreshing and can be enjoyed with the whole family. Arrowroot has numerous health benefits as it helps aid digestion, is low in calories, high in protein, folates, vitamin B complex and is also gluten-free. The addition of ingredients such as red dates and wolfberries help bring a sweetness to the soup and make the overall taste even more delectable.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3iI2HTu

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