8 Local Delights Perfect For Any Occasion!

Our gratifying local Singaporean cuisine with its mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian flavours is perhaps one of the best offerings we have and can indulge in on a day to day basis. Easily found among hawker centres, food courts, and restaurants these dishes hold a special place in our hearts. Such heritage-rich dishes tend to turn even tastier and mouth-watering when they are prepared by our mums and are enjoyed by the entire family. And to celebrate this distinct melting pot of cuisine we are listing down 8 local delights that are bound to satisfy our Singaporean palate. So, choose your hearty recipe and embark on the flavours of the world’s food capital.

1. Chicken Bak Kut Teh
Our rendition of Bak Kut Teh makes use of a whole chicken. This simple and humble dish not only packs a lot of flavour but also holds a high nutritional value. With just a couple of spoons of its herb and spice rich broth along with pieces of tender chicken and a spoonful of rice, you can feel your weariness slipping away. So, cook up this dish and see your family members feel re-energised with each bowl.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/37F88hJ

2. Nyonya Sambal Fish Wrapped In Banana Leaves
This simple to cook classic Malaysian dish makes use of a 500g Black Pomfret Fish. Slathered with the complex flavour combination of earthy, spicy and hot ingredients, the sambal brings forth the spiciness and tantalisingly complements the freshness of the fish. Moreover, when wrapped in a softened banana leaves, which introduces a whole new aroma, this recipe is a delight for all the fish lovers.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2UV8YCa

3. Nyonya Curry Chicken
If you are planning a curry night at home then this fragrant, appetising and filling recipe is the one to cook up. The fusion between Chinese ingredients and herbs with the Malay cooking techniques brings forth the aroma that is bound to make everyone exclaim with joy. Pair the coconut rich gravy and tender drumsticks with a steaming bowl of blue coloured butterfly pea rice and relish in the symphony of flavours.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3hEBule

4. Har Cheong Gai
Why eat ordinary fried chicken when you’ve got Har Cheong Gai! With a mix of ingredients and most notably the shrimp paste, the well marinated and fried chicken wings offer the perfect crispiness and delectable flavour that downright impress everyone and makes them forget about ever having any ordinary chicken wings.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2UV1Sx8

5. Rice Cooker Claypot Rice
Who says you can only cook claypot rice in a claypot? Make this hawker center delicacy in a rice cooker easily and enjoy this recipe right at the comfort of your home.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2UWiCV0

6. Chicken Masala Biryani
The Chicken Masala Biryani is flavourful goodness personified. The combination of spices and herb-infused rice with tender lightly fried chicken breasts and masala rich creamy chicken gravy make this one of the most comforting rice dish recipes.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3ee8tuq

7. Heavenly Hainanese Chicken Rice
The moist and silky chicken, chilli sauce, ginger sauce, sweet dark black soy sauce and the tasteful rice cooked in chicken stock come together to make Hainese Chicken a true tastebuds tingling recipe. In our rendition of this recipe, we have used Heavenly Brown Rice which brings it own chewiness and tender aroma.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2YJZr1D

8. Heavenly Nasi Lemak
With our healthy take on this ubiquitous dish, by using Heavenly Brown Rice, you can now easily make this recipe for a wholesome meal. Take out your banana leaf and relish in the flavour of this beloved dish.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2NljVZz

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