8 Recipes Using Brown Rice For A Delicious Holiday Feast!

One of the best if not the best part of the holidays is getting to share and indulge in some mouth-watering food with family and friends. And even though this year’s celebrations are a bit different, food has a magical way of getting everyone into the holiday spirits. So, to fuel your imagination and give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 8 tastebuds-pleasing recipes from appetisers, to side dishes to mains that are worth the celebration and will help you bring the holiday flavour right to your dining table.

1. Christmas Fried Rice

Why not add a little fruity touch to your celebrations? This recipe takes merely 15 minutes to prepare and highlights the flavourful combination of sweet and savoury with the combination of bacon pieces and mango chunks. Prepared with Heavenly Brown Rice that adds its’ own natural sweet nutty taste and chewy texture, the dish works as a perfect light side dish that helps bring a healthy touch to the table.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/36hFpAK

2. Heavenly Chicken and Bacon Bake Rice

The aromas coming from the kitchen while preparing this dish becomes almost unbearable and will make all your family members rush to the dining room. Bound to disappear as soon as you put it on the table, this is anything but your average baked rice. The tantalising crispy bacon bits, shredded chicken and stretchy cheesy goodness in each bite make this a worthy hearty addition to your holiday menu.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/33v1LwR

3. Brown Rice Gingerbread Crackers

Holiday parties and baking go hand in hand, and honestly, without any baked treats, the celebrations just feel incomplete. And so to help you save some time, we’ve got just the perfect recipe for you that not only livens up the party but also offers toothsome flavours without making any compromises with your health. Made with flax seeds, sesame seeds, dried cranberries, quinoa, Heavenly Brown Rice and more, these healthier and nutritious crackers work as ideal baked goodies. Moreover, you can also let your kids in on the fun of decorating the cookies and can even hold a fun decorating contest. So, get your trays out, the frosting ready and get baking!

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2HPzwkK

4. Heavenly Hawaiian Baked Brown Rice

Packed with fresh ingredients such as zucchini, pineapple, and portobello mushrooms, this recipe proves to be heaven on a plate for all the cheese lovers. A true one-dish-meal, this easy-to-make recipe offers wholesome flavours by topping the rice with instant pasta sauce, ham pieces and spreading some mozzarella and shredded cheddar cheese. The enticing golden brown cheesy layer makes this an irresistible dish to dig into and one that can be enjoyed by both the adults and the kids alike.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/2Jw4aQs

5. Heavenly Dino Rice Balls

A rendition of scotch eggs, this recipe makes them even more awe-worthy by adding chewy Heavenly Brown Rice in the mix. Eye-appealing, and fun to prepare, this recipe works perfect as an appetiser and will leave all your family members and guests eager to take a big bite. So, prep up this protein-rich recipe and get your camera ready to capture the reactions as soon as your family members bite into these rice balls that are as big in flavour as they are in size.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3qfCFvq

6. Heavenly Beef Rice Burger

If you’re looking for some bite-sized snacks for your holiday party, our Japanese Rice Burger recipe has got you covered. You can easily adjust the quantity and size of the ingredients to turn these juicy, mouthful delights into miniature rice burger sliders. The crispy Heavenly Brown Rice buns, perfectly seasoned mozzarella cheese stuffed beef patty coated with savoury teriyaki sauce and slices of cucumber and tomato make these sliders deeply satisfying and a crave-worthy addition to your holiday party.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3lu1sIV

7. Heavenly Tuna Brown Rice Bake

With a prep time of only 10 minutes, this delicious recipe requires minimal ingredients and even a few cooking steps and will be a delight for all the tuna lovers in your family. The colourful mix of grated zucchini, tomatoes, feta cheese and mixed herbs make for an easy flavourful appetiser or an even flavourful snack that you can prepare for your kids.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/3qntE3M

8. Heavenly Rice Stuffed Turkey

It’s not Christmas dinner without roast turkey and stuffing. And our stuffed turkey recipe not only packs all of the flavour and juiciness you expect, but it will exceed expectations as the centrepiece of your holiday feast! The crispy buttery skin, beautiful golden brown glaze, succulent and tender meat, smoky, tasty, rich mix stuffing soaked in turkey essence and infused with herbs makes this a truly unique, perfectly done roast turkey that is sure to impress your family members and all your guests. And to elevate the flavours even further and complete the whole dish, we’ve also added our Turkey Gravy and Cranberry Sauce recipe.

Get this recipe here: https://bit.ly/39uBwdN

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