DIY Rice Water And Its Skin Care Benefits

Being one of a well-known and traditional beauty secrets, rice water has always been a perfect DIY home remedy for many, with benefits ranging from health to beauty.

Making rice water isn’t that hard, since all you need is some rice and water. You can prepare your own rice water by boiling rice, soaking rice, or fermenting rice water. Depending on your preference and the time you can afford, different methods hold different levels of concentration; with fermenting bringing out more vitamins and nutrients; boiling creating a stronger and concentrated batch of rice water, and soaking being the simplest method.

Now, these might seemingly make you think twice before you toss your rice water! Check out the 5 benefits of the cloudy water that can actually level up your beauty care routine:

Acts as a toner or mask

1. Acts as a toner or mask
Minimize the appearance of your pores and tighten your skin by dabbing a bit of rice water onto your face and gently massaging it into your skin. This in turn leaves your skin radiant and soft.

Relieves sunburn

2. Relieves sunburn
Rice water acts as a cooling agent and aids in helping sunburnt skin to recover fast.

Achieving softer and healthier hair

3. Achieving softer and healthier hair
Rice water improves manageability and protect your hair from future damage. Also, the amino acids in the rice water helps to add volume, sheen, smoothness, and strengthen your hair roots.


4. Anti-ageing
Rice water becomes an anti-ageing elixir when left fermented. The reason being is the pitera substance that can be found after fermentation. The fermented rice water helps to promote cell regeneration and let your skin stay young and beautiful.

Soothe acne and irritation

5. Soothe acne and irritation
Acting as an astringent, rice water can help to reduce the redness of your skin and improve your acne by making it less oily.

Tip 1: For future use, store your rice water in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few days up to a week.
Tip 2: Brown rice is preferred over white rice as it contains more nutrients.
Tip 3: If you are using brown rice, soak them longer

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