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29Nov 2018

Is your stomach feeling uncomfortable and bloated? Have friends telling you that brown rice could be the cause to your bloated stomach? How true is that? Here’s what we have uncovered… Does brown rice cause bloating? Brown rice contains a lot of fiber, starch and raffinose, which are broken down in the large intestine and […]

13Nov 2018

Been eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Now, you might think that that is enough fiber for a healthy body. But if you suffer from symptoms like irregular bowel movements, feeling hungry even after eating, feeling tired and having little energy, your fiber intake is simply not be enough! According to […]

12Oct 2018

Developed in the 1930s by a German doctor named Walter Kempner, the Rice Diet is said to treat obesity and other weight-related problems and decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood cholesterol and hypertension. But how so? What is the rice diet about The Rice Diet is a low-calorie way to help individuals […]

28Sep 2018

Brown rice has always been seen as a healthier and nutritious alternative to the typical white rice that we usually consume in our households. Other than reducing cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes, how else can brown rice aid in weight loss? Is brown rice good for weight loss? Read […]

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