School’s Out, Holiday Season’s In — Here Are 6 Delicious & Quick Recipes Perfect For Both!

The holiday season is around the corner, school’s out and we all know what that means – fun, and delicious food! Whether you are going on a staycation, that long-awaited overseas family trip, or simply staying home, it’s always good to set a family bonding time at home once a month and make it a family tradition. One such example can be “Mommy’s Day Off” where dad and the kids are the ones who make dinner instead. And we’ve got just the recipes that make the perfect addition to your dining table.

1. Seafood Pao Fan

There was a time when Seafood Pao Fan took the whole of Singapore by storm not so long ago. Now, there may no longer be any snaking queues to try it out, but this highly-gratifying dish deserves every bit of praise it gets. A bite of collagen-rich savoury seafood broth soaked in brown rice and crispy fried enoki mushrooms can only be described as the “best of both worlds”.

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2. Brown Rice Seafood Paella

This is one of those recipes that you can cook up without having to slave over the stove all day. A quintessential fiesta dish, our Seafood Paella gets the celebrations going with flavour-bursting mixed seafood and vibrant veggies that pair so deliciously with the chewy Heavenly Brown Rice that soaks in all that flavour-rich prawn stock. Plus to give a little Asian twist to this iconic Spanish dish, we’ve also added in sliced lap cheong (Chinese sausage).

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3. Fried Chicken Strips with Cream Crackers

If you’ve never tried fried chicken strips coated in crushed cream crackers, well, you might be missing out. Now, here’s a job for the kid helping out — crushing cream crackers and coating the chicken strips. And dad can do the frying. Serve this with some Heavenly Brown Rice for an extra nutty flavour and leftovers can be served as a snack the next day!

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4. Salted Egg Fried Rice

How can we forget the most versatile dish in the world – Fried rice? Especially with the addition of salted egg yolk, a seemingly simple ingredient that makes a big difference in everything you add it to. Every grain of nutty Heavenly Brown Rice, diced prawns, and juicy shimeji mushrooms coated in this creamy umami-ness make every mouthful delectable. Be sure to cook lots of it because there won’t be any leftovers!

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5. Half ’n’ Half Brown Rice Crust Pizza

No school holiday or a festive celebration is complete without pizza. After all, everyone enjoys a slice of pizza from time to time. But a crust made with Brown Rice? It’s surprisingly interesting and it works! Choose any topping you like or follow ours with one half (Asian-style) topped with smoked duck, crispy popiah skin, and hoisin sauce and the other half (Western-style) with pesto sauce, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and an egg. And of course, mozzarella cheese! Now, show this to your kids and challenge their creativity to make their own version for you!

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6. Heavenly Rice Stuffed Turkey

Our one-of-a-kind turkey recipe is sure to turn some heads and impress your family members! Stuffed with rice mix soaked in turkey essence and infused with aromatic herbs, the crispy buttery skin, golden brown glaze, succulent and tender meat, and smoky flavour are worth every bit of preparation and cooking time. And to complete the whole meal, we’ve also shared our Turkey Gravy and addictive Cranberry Sauce recipe. So, this holiday season, give this recipe a go and experience a whole another flavour-packed way of relishing turkey.

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