The Hidden Secrets of Brown Rice

You’ve always heard about how brown rice is healthy, but do you really know why?
Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the 5 benefits of eating brown rice.

1. Brown rice is a great source of dietary fibre. This helps to lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart diseases.

2. Brown rice is satisfying. Brown rice tends to fill you up more, and regulates your food intake better, making sure you do not overeat. With a lower glycemic index, brown rice causes a more stable and lasting rise in blood sugar levels. You can therefore maintain a healthy weight better!

3. Brown rice helps in digestion. The insoluble fibre in brown rice stays in the gut, attracts water and enables more fluid bowel and digestion movement.

4. Brown rice contains Manganese. This helps you maintain a healthy nervous system and keep your bones strong and healthy, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and low bone density.

5. Brown rice is rich in B complex Vitamins. Vitamin B1, B2, thiamin and riboflavin are essential for heart, muscle and nerve functioning. Vitamin B3 helps in boosting digestive health and lower cholesterol levels. Vitamin B6 helps the body breaks down protein and produce red blood cells. Brown rice helps to boost the body- what an all rounder food!

Tip: If you have never eaten brown rice but would like to make a start, you can try mixing white and brown rice when cooking. Accustomise your body slowly to the change and gradually reduce the amount of white rice in the mix.

Brown rice is nutritious and delicious- complement your diet with healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins. When you make an active choice, you can change how your body looks and feel. Feel fighting fit and healthy today!

Try adding brown rice in your daily diet and reap all these wonderful benefits!
Heavenly Brown Rice is a Hom Mali or fragrant brown rice picked from the freshest harvest. Unmilled and unpolished, every single grain is naturally coloured and coated with nutrients. Enjoy the sweet nutty taste and distinct chewy texture with every mouthful.

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