Travel Through Food – 5 Dishes From Around Asia!

The holiday season is upon us and with school break in full effect, the reality of travel being on hold might seem saddening. But, it doesn’t have to be! We’ve rounded up 5 amazing recipes from some of the favourite Asian destinations that can help you travel with your tastebuds, keep your wanderlust at bay, and your belly satisfied at the same time. And since most of these recipes make use of our Heavenly Brown Rice, you can easily enjoy a healthier holiday meal without having to compromise on flavour or visual appeal and the best part is you’ll feel great afterwards.
So, fill your culinary passport, and get ready for takeoff with the recipes below for a kitchen-made bon voyage.

1. Braised Pork Brown Rice Bowl

One of the most beloved Taiwanese comfort foods, this classic dish helps you take your taste buds to Taiwan and relish in its satisfying flavourful combination of tender-braised pork belly, savoury meat sauce, stir-fried asparagus and the chewy, steaming, soft Heavenly Brown Rice. With a burst of super rich umami bombs, this mouth-watering recipe offers all the satisfaction and yumminess. So, cook up this easy to make recipe and bring home the delicious flavours of Taiwan right to your dining table.

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2. Seafood Green Curry with Coconut Brown Rice

It’s time to spice up your holidays and indulge in the aromatic and hot flavours of Thailand. Freshly made green curry paste, rich creamy coconut milk, wonderful herbs, and fresh succulent seafood make up for a light and naturally sweet Thai green curry. And to enhance the flavours even further, the recipe pairs this delightful curry with Heavenly Brown Rice cooked in coconut water which infuses each grain with a pleasant pandan aroma. This fragrant and taste buds scintillating recipe will help you transform your weeknight dinner to a holiday dinner in Thailand.

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3. Double Layer Okonomiyaki

One of the allures of travelling to Japan is getting to taste some of the incredible dishes. Well, with our rendition of a beloved dish, you not only get to taste just one such dish but a double layer of it with an added taste of fusion as we add our Heavenly Brown Rice to it. This savoury pancake incorporates ingredients that work deliciously well together such as chopped cabbage, fresh prawns, crab meat, chewy rice and more. And guess what, since ‘Okonomi’ means “as you like it”, you can even add whatever ingredients you like. This mix of different textures and flavours topped with tonkatsu sauce, mayonnaise, dried bonito flakes, etc. offer a perfect combination of salty-sweet-umami-creamy-yum. So, why not cook this up for a Sunday brunch and surprise your family members with a flavourful trip to Japan.

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4. Hong Kong-Style Porridge

Start off your day with some piping hot breakfast porridge that is going to keep you going till well past the lunch time. The comforting Hong Kong flavours are infused with toppings such as century egg, crispy vermicelli and condiments. This heartwarming and soulful bowl of smooth, gooey, pearly-white in colour porridge is a perfect way to kickstart your mornings.

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5. Radish Kimchi Fried Brown Rice

Say Annyeonghaseyo to your love for Korea with this delicious, filling and visually-appealing recipe. The delectable mix of flavours and textures of perfectly coated chewy rice with seasoning sauce, tangy radish kimchi, crispy bacon topped with a sunny side up and strips of seaweed just cannot be beat. Simple and a quick-fix to your Korean cravings, this recipe will easily become your go-to-easy meals.

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