Why Do I Feel So Bloated After Eating Brown Rice?

Is your stomach feeling uncomfortable and bloated? Have friends telling you that brown rice could be the cause to your bloated stomach? How true is that?

Here’s what we have uncovered…

Does brown rice cause bloating?
Brown rice contains a lot of fiber, starch and raffinose, which are broken down in the large intestine and produce gases like methane, carbon-dioxide or hydrogen. People who suffer from a sensitive gut may be less tolerant of insoluble fiber and the gases produced may trigger bloating and gut inflammation problems. However, you have to remember that ANY type of food can contribute to your bloated stomach, so pay attention to your daily diet and evaluate the real cause.

Consuming too much of fiber
If you add too much of fiber-rich food in your diet, you may experience symptoms like stomach cramps, bloating or gas in your stomach after your meal. This might lead you to think that your body is intolerant to brown rice, but it actually means that your body is not used to a fiber-rich diet and needs time to adapt to one.

Instead of trying to consume many servings of fiber all at-once, keep adding new fiber-rich food into your diet slowly, such as mixing brown rice and white rice together, and gradually increasing the amount of fruits & vegetables until you reach the recommended amount.

Brown rice may not the be main cause
Experiencing a gassy stomach? Don’t blame it all on the fibre-rich food (e.g. brown rice)! Instead, the main cause could be, consuming brown rice together with food like onions and dairy products (e.g. butter, cheese, milk). Onions contain complex carbohydrates that takes a greater amount of effort for your body to break down, which may cause more gas. For people who are sensitive to dairy products, consuming brown rice together with cheese or butter can cause their stomachs to be extremely gassy.

Taking in too much of air
It is common to swallow air while consuming food. However, taking in too much of air can lead to an accumulation of excess gas in your stomach and cause bloating. To reduce the amount of air taken, try staying relaxed during meal times, chew thoroughly as possible and enjoy your meal by eating as slowly as possible.

Still not sure what is causing your bloated stomach? Try eliminating foods that you think might be causing the gas buildup in your stomach for a period of time (e.g. one month), and reintroducing them into your diet again. If you are still experiencing bloatedness and feeling uncomfortable, you may look to consult a professional.

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