Heavenly Recipes

Want to cook something a little different from the usual fare? Surprise the whole family with a delicious recipe from our CCTV (Creative Cooking TV) series! Cook up a satisfying meal that will have them patting their belly happily.

Heavenly Rice Stuffed Turkey

It’s nearly Christmas! Are you busy getting ready for the festive season? Here’s a recipe we’ll like to share today- the Heavenly Rice Stuffed Turkey! The turkey will be a sight to behold and a joy to share with loved ones this holiday. We hope you enjoy the delicious flavours!

Double Layer Okonomiyaki

Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? Today we’re going to make a rice dish inspired by the Japanese pancake, or okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a type of savoury pancake that is grilled, and ingredients and batter differs from region to region in Japan. You usually grill a okonomiyaki on a hotplate.

We’re going to incorporate brown rice into our recipe to create different texture and flavour, and hence we have a Double Layer Okonomiyaki!

Heavenly Dino Rice Balls

Hi! Today’s creative recipe is a fun hands on activity for the whole family! Introducing the Dino Rice Balls, which are rice balls with delicious chicken and boiled eggs in the middle. The Dino Rice Balls are packed full of protein, and will surprise everyone at the dining table! They will be so curious to find out what’s inside. Serve a surprise to jazz up dinner time!

Heavenly Skillet Salmon ‘n’ Rice

Hello! We have a new healthy recipe for you today. Today’s recipe involves one of our favourite fishes, the orange salmon! We especially love the salmon for great nutrition such as Omega 3 and 6, and of course for its delicious taste. Salmon is good for your body because it can help to reduce cholesterol levels and promote better blood flow. Mix salmon with brown rice, which is rich in antioxidants and fiber, and you get a tasty and healthy recipe! Now all you need some time to start cooking!

Heavenly Tuna Brown Rice Bake

This is a healthy and easy recipe to make. We had fun making this and everyone enjoyed eating it afterwards. It’s great if you’re looking for a simple cooking project with delicious results.

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