Heavenly Recipes

Want to cook something a little different from the usual fare? Surprise the whole family with a delicious recipe from our CCTV (Creative Cooking TV) series! Cook up a satisfying meal that will have them patting their belly happily.

Fu Zhou Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken

Fu Zhou Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken (福州红糟鸡)

Being a simple dish that is delectable yet flavourful, Fu Zhou Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken (福州红糟鸡) is a popular traditional dish in Fuzhou Singaporean households – often served up with mee sua (a type of chinese noodle known as the Longevity Noodles) and brings many great nostalgic memories of their childhoods. It is also known as a famous traditional dish that is often served up with mee sua to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which symbolizes a year of great blessings and good health.

Hakka Stewed Pork Belly With Preserved Vegetables

Hakka Stewed Pork Belly With Preserved Vegetables (客家梅菜扣肉)

In the past, Hakka people often engaged in hard labour. Because they needed a lot of energy to work in the fields, their meals tended to be more on the hearty and heavy side. Hence, Hakka food is characterized as fragrant and umami. The Hakka Stewed Pork Belly With Preserved Vegetables is one great example, that melts in your mouth and leaves a deliciously yummy lingering taste. Especially delectable when paired with a bowl of rice, you don’t want to miss this divinely lovely braised goodness!

Lobster Porridge

A decadent dish that will definitely impress your family and friends during Chinese New Year. Heavenly brand of Fragrant Jasmine rice is perfect for this dish. It absorbs all the rich flavour from the lobster, giving it a light and fresh taste. The ultimate comfort food.

Live lobster is preferred as it imparts the fresh sweetness to the porridge. We used the shells to boil with the chicken broth, to heighten the lobster taste. Dried scallops gives a deeper level of seafood sweetness when it’s boiled with Heavenly Fragrant Rice. Do not overcook the lobster as the flesh will be dry and hard. If the rice is not cooked to your prefered doneness, but lobster is cooked, you can fish it out from the pot, and added in later before serving. Live mud crabs and flowers crabs are a good substitute to lobster.

Rice Cooker Claypot Rice

Want to cook Singapore style claypot rice at home? You don’t have to deliberately buy a claypot just so you can make it at home. Enjoy this hawker delicacy right at home by cooking it using a rice cooker! All you need is a rice cooker, simple ingredients and Heavenly Premium Rice.

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